My first attempt at blogging and I gotta say, I'm pretty stoked. Lets hope I'm more articulate through text than I am in person, haha. 
Hmm, where to start? The weather today was great so I took the opportunity to clean some cages, breed some bunnies, and let the little fluffers romp around the yard. Okay, I lied. I only cleaned half of the cages, but its not my fault! kind of is. I forgot to check to see if I had enough aspen shavings to get the job done. But never fear! My dad is gone to pick some up as I'm typing this, so it looks like those are getting done tomorrow.
On an equally frustrating note, Jet and Moondance were bred today which, despite my irritation with solid blacks, I'm really excited about. The problem was that Moon seemed a bit confused about her role in the matter and kept mounting Jet while he cowered in the corner. I have strange rabbits. I was also going to breed Jet to Buttercup (AKA: Big Mamma) but it got dark so that's something that'll also have to wait for tomorrow.
Here's a picture of my little buddy, Brier, playing in the yard (:

Also, this little booger below is Zombie. He bit me today and I am quite angry with him. Well, not really. He always gets so excited when I go out to the bunnies and scratches frantically at the hutch door in a desperate attempt to receive nose rubs, or better yet, treats. I placed my hand on the door when I was picking something up off the ground and the little guy chomped me through the wire. I hold no grudges though. Maybe he was just living up to his name. Plus, who could be mad at this face?

3/11/2012 08:16:01 am

Hey Kelly!

It's great to see that you're enjoying Moon! I bet she's enjoying her life down there in Kentucky. Let me know how her litter comes along! :)


5/30/2016 09:39:42 am

Congrats for first post. Good your article.

9/16/2017 01:40:03 pm

HI! I Just got a mini rex rabbit she is so cute and so sweet i named her pixie and i have been looking at your page for the care and is so helpfull


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