Buttercup and Moondance each had successful litters of three! Buttercup's being all broken black while Moon's are all black. Out of all six of these guys there only appears to be one boy which really excited me as I don't need any bucks but am in dire need of new does. I think I'll be keeping all of the babies until state fair and then decide from there who stays and who goes. On a similar note, I now have a youtube channel! If you'd like to watch our litters as they grow feel free to check it out :) My username is KellyAdams96 (origional, I know). Here they are at two weeks

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    Hello! My name is Kelly, ARBA member and bunny extraordinaire. Before you read my blog there's something you should know. I overuse commas. Alot.
    But other than that, happy reading! 


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